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5 5 This test is right on! I had at one time thought about being a teacher or counselor. I wanted to be an actress when I was younger. I have thought of going into Marketing. I am also thinking about being a Weight Watcher leader and encouraging others. I have also taken Spanish and would love to learn more languages. Thank you for confirming what I had thought I already knew but had forgotten. I Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Deborah
4 4  
5 5 Overall this is a very unique and interesting assessment. While I've taken similar assessments in the past, this is the first that has a spiritual component to it as well. I thought it was very interesting to see the spiritual implications of my strengths. I did find that the results were quite accurate. The survey was easy to use, although like many I've taken before, there were selections where I did not have a very strong feeling one way or another, so I would select a neutral answer to whatever suited me best.
I can't think of any at this time, but will pass along suggestions when they come to mind.
4 5 Challnged my perception(s) of myself. Opened new avenue of thought, action. Thank you
5 5 Thanks Ken, Got it. Did it. Got the instant reports. That is an amazing process ! Had a great interaction with a neighbor Dad. Could be a lead into a cul-de-sac connection with two others over the Family Life Today material "Stepping Up to Courageous Manhood".
5 5 I know I am now a member of a church body that will intentionally respectfully review and use my results for God's will.
5 5 I was bit skeptical before doing the assessment but pleasantly surprised that the report is mostly accurate and sheds a lot of light on the way I function. I am pleased with the results!
5 5 very user friendly
5 5 Very helpful in bringing my weakness and strengths to light(my attention). Useful tool for future use.
5 5 Thank you I think this is very helpful in pinpointing where I should help out in the church and bringing to light my strengths and weakness.
I would think it would be very helpful for all the leaders of the different ministry groups to take this as well.
5 5 Great survey! Very comprehensive, well laid out and very helpful. Also appreciated showing both the strengths and weaknesses of each gift, along with the suggested careers, education and ministry roles. Can't think of any!
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5 5 Very helpful and accurate!
5 5 Pretty much describes me perfectly. Dancing kitten gifs.
5 5  
3 5  
4 5 It was a fascinating assessment to take, and most of the results I received seemed accurate.
4 5  
5 5  
5 5 This was very easy to follow and I did not have to second guess most of my answers.
5 5  
4 4 I have found the information helpful in understanding myself and accepting more facets of myself since they are how God made me and not everything about myself must be changed (though I need to live less in the natural state). Discussed a few with Alex.
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5 5 This morning I took this assessment and was very impressed with it's accuracy in identifying my motivational gifts. There were some subtleties of my gifting that were even identified. I also like the thoroughness of the report, suggestions for ministry and career, strengths and weaknesses, etc.I showed my wife the results of the assessment and she concurs its accuracy. I'm encouraging my wife and 2 sons to take it as well.
4 4 It was good assesment, but I don't think I fit in too many of the applications, since most of them are geared to traditional, corrupted pathways & thoughts of following the traditional church settings. I believe when each person is directly connected to his Head, God will lead sovereignly how & to whom you serve. One's work should be just as much an act of worship counting for eternity as any so called full time christian service. I don't seem to be much of a leader, since I don't have hardly any followers. I am just a square peg in a round hole where ever I go it seems. I believe God needs square pegs though. He is just looking for a Man who will step out & obey whether any one else will or not. Sorry to be so contrary! You are sweet brothers & great encouragers. Keep it up.
4 4 Explain the how you got the numbers to rate the gifts
5 0 very accurate about me
5 5  
4 5 Very helpful and affirming! I liked your names for the spiritual gifts, i.e., Enthusiastic Encourager, Cheerful Heart.
5 4 This was really fun to do. The interesting thing for me was you confirmed what I had been thinking my gifts were. The reporting was great with a lot of good detail.
5 5 The "test" pegged me, but we knew it would. Good job guys.
Could the print be a little larger on the testing portion? Or perhaps a slightly darker font?
5 5 If I was younger I think this would be very insightful. I have gone through a lot of assessments so I know myself fairly well. For the most part it rings true in my experience. I think it has value for the price of $20 so I would recommend it to others.
5 5 Very interesting. It's been years since I've done something like that and knew I had changed some. Interesting to see similarities and differences over the years - all reasonable given that point in my life. Part of maturing as a person and as a Christian.
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5 5  
5 5 The site was nicely formatted and designed and quite user friendly -easy to understand and answer. Thanks
None at this time.
5 3 It took a lot of concentration and seemed like I could easy answer two different ways on same question. After meeting and discussing my survey I have a new peace. God has given a reason for being here. I was bit aware how important I fit in to God's big purpose.
4 5 This was great, though not 100% accurate.
There is not a whole lot of things that could be done to increase the accuracy of the quiz without making it too long. It is fine as is.
5 4 This was very quick and easy to use. I found myself conflicted about a few areas but realized that was probably because I did not know myself well enough and that was a great reason to take the test! I love the spirituality component and the ways to improve.  Career options were spot on and I have spent time in many of them! I think a personal coaching component after testing would be invaluable. This is a quick tool that provides a great deal of information.
5 5 Incredible Tool. Very well thought out, planned, explained, and accurate. Reports were very helpful; though I'm not seeking a career field, I can imagine the career tool summary page would be extremely helpful for those who are. A unique add-on to other such assessments I've taken. Video summary also was well done.
The only suggestion I have--and it simply could be a glitch in my own computer--when I clicked the hyper link to the web page with career field details, some of the time when clicking the back arrow, the cursor jumped back to the 1st or 2nd page of the summary results pdf instead of right back to the last career link page I was on.
5 5 No surprises here and it is making me think about what I do and where I am headed. I love to extend my knowledge to others as in teaching but want to be able to make a living that way with out furthering my education.
4 5 This test concurred with most others I have done, although the gift titles were a bit different. The test was easy to read, and the report is clear and helpful, especially to someone just beginning to make career/life choices. I really liked the descriptions and the comparative chart of all the gifts. Not as keen on the career, education check lists, but overall quite impressive -- can't beat the feedback speed!   
4 5 I think it pretty much hit the nail on the head. I would have thought that the top 2 would have been reversed and server would have been my top gift. As I was signing up with my information I didn't check the boxes for job recommendations. Is there any way to get those after the fact? As stated above I didn't see the boxes for the additional reports for the job recommendations. I wasn't paying enough attention obviously, but my be easier to see if the information was all in the same column.
5 5 THis is great! I loved how it was dead-on and gave me tips on how to become better :)
3 3 Choices not discrete enough. Hard to select among choices--found myself with close ratings on numerous items.
4 4  
5 5 Easy to use. Simple questions. Quick results available almost instantly. None right now. Thanks
4 5 Unlike other such tests I found this one to have better questions. They were worded in a way that way more like real life. The feedback was more practical and thorough than other tests. There was more to think about. I appreciated the teaching on how we tend to use more of the gifts as we grow older and grow in Christ. I can identify.The entire introduction section was very good and helpful. I appreciated the longer list of career options than I usually see on these tests.
I don't recall your telling me to put down my first response or to think about my answers. Which do you prefer? I was quick to respond with just a brief time of pondering on a few questions. The test affirmed what I already knew, however, I appreciated the discussion on the interaction of the stronger and weaker gifts. That I've not seen before and was helpful
- - What did you think of the results? Good reading. What did you think of the reports? Good. Was it accurate? I think so. Was it helpful? Yes. Could you see it as being helpful to those trying to find a college major or trying to pick a career direction? Especially for that demographic. Would it be helpful to someone in mid-life trying to figure out where to invest their time? Could be if they are uncertain about how they roll. Is there anything that stood out, good or bad?? Not really! I was able to take it on my iPhone.

- - OK done interesting...fairly accurate and in alignment with Myers Briggs...which I can't remember the actuall four letters (Kayli knows) but was close to the mark also.
- - This was fun and insightful. I have taken similar tests before, but none so rich with information. The results I got regarding my gifts were similar, but much thinner than these. It was much more comprehensive and directly applicable. I always thought that I had the gift of cranky misanthrope, but Paul does not list this one anywhere, and it never shows up in tests.
5 5 This was a treat to take. The video report is a hoot for me because these results are so congruent with so many other tests I've taken. Your test validation has been very thorough.
5 5 Thank You for taking the time to explain this specific life assessment test. I appreciate your help by sending me the link so that I could take this helpful test. I found the results to very accurate and confirmed I may indeed be going in the correct direction.
5 5 Thank You Melissa Nicastro for taking the time to explain this specific life assessment test. I appreciate your help by sending me the link so that I could take this helpful test. I found the results to very accurate and confirmed I may indeed be going in the correct direction.
5 5 I have done things like this before, and gotten similar results. However, this was richer with insights and much more directly applicable. I particularly liked the video.
4 5 helpful
one question regarding making lists and checking off completed tasks appears to be repeated
4 5 I admit that I did the survey while both kiddos were awake and close by. I don't get much time usually until late at night without one of them being awake. I knew that if I waited for a 30 minute quiet break when I'm coherent, it might never happen.
I would suggest altering some of the wording. The phrase "I value in a job" at the beginning of several of the items felt awkward to me. I would have to see the specific questions again to be able to suggest a way to reword them.
5 5 Extremely accurate!
5 5 Ken, I found the career options for the Enthusiastic Encourager not quite relateable enough and not as in depth with appealing career options. Based on the career majors there would be some very strong career options we could post on that section. Just my opinion.....Melissa
5 5 It was far more accurate than I expected it to be. The normal spiritual gifts of Wisdom and Exhortation weren't on this quiz so I was skeptical that I would have any of the ones listed. Sure proved me wrong.

Heather thunderelizabeth@live.com9/18/2013 11:52:20 AM
4 5 Very helpful. Reports easy to read and understand. I believe there are at least 26 gifts, so this is an incomplete picture. Questions don't include God's input, but report suggestions do. This could change outcome.
5 5 I think the MGM found my top and secondary motivational gifts. I especially liked all the additional information about application of this information such as Strengths and Weaknesses and Natural State and Spiritual State. A couple of items in my personal characteristics under Cheerfully Heart and a Response State item under Researching Teacher didn't seem to fit. Maybe that shows I need to do some praying about those.
5 5 Great tool, I know the students will love this project.  It took longer than the test reported at first.
5 5 Enjoyed reading the report - it was totally me. It's a different kind of spiritual gifts test and I really think it's more helpful than the others I've taken. Thanks!
4 4 Not sure I fully understood a couple of questions.
5 4 It took me a few clicks to realize that I had to click exactly in the circle and not just the colored box. I don't think it's worth changing, though. I'm impressed with it!
5 5 Looked at all the reports and video now. Very well done.
5 5 I wasn't really looking for typos, so there may be more than I identified, but I did see two of them. One was on pg 4 of 28 of the assessment. It should say "needs to be done". The other is on page 4 of the report about the top two motivations. On it, the word informational is misspelled.
If you would like me to take it again for the purpose of proof-reading let me know how to do that. I thought it was a good tool and I enjoyed taking the assessment. Job well done!
5 5 Possibly I should not have responded to the report relevance section since I did not look at the reports yet, but I didn't know if I would lose the feedback screen if I went to the reports first.  Everything was very straightforward and easy to use. Good questions and laid out well.
3 5 In general, I have trouble answering questions in this type of format. I think the assessment was accurate for the highest but not the second motivational gift.
Please check your punctuation throughout.
4 5 "Servant Leader" sums it up. The assessment was quite accurate. Good work.
Page 8--the sentence structure seemed confusing to me. Also, the first "time required" notation reads "20 min," but on the intro page it says 30. I think 20 is more likely than 30 unless folks really have to ponder.
4 5  
4 4